Be Brave Be Strong Be Humble Be Badass


Sometimes ideas just come to me randomly. I will see a picture and it will just speak to me. Other times in life you go through things, and you need something to represent what you are going through.

This tumbler image came to me at a point in my life now that I needed it. Every. Word. Every. Image. Every. Meaning. Everything in this image was like it was meant for me during this phase of my life.

BE STRONG WHEN YOU ARE WEAK……Some days I wonder if I am strong at all. I have people in my life that remind me daily that I am strong. Stronger than I give myself credit for. It’s hard to stay strong when negativity surrounds you.

BE BRAVE WHEN YOU ARE SCARED……I think most people living in today’s world are scared. Scared of a virus. Scared of the future. Scared of what tomorrow holds. Scared of test results. The future scares me. Being self employed you can’t predict week to week, or month to month what it is going to be like. Guess that’s why you need to BE STRONG.

BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU ARE VICTORIOUS……If you know me personally you know I am a very humble person. I never take anything for granted. “Oh look December 2020 you killed it in sales.” That’s great, but did you know there is a veteran out there cold and hungry. “Look how many cups you have sold!” True, but look at how many people in the world need food, and can’t get it. “You should feel so blessed with this!” I am but remember the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. 

BE BADASS EVERYDAY……Show up! Even when you don’t feel like it! This is something I am learning each day myself. I have the background noise: You need to find a real job, you need to do something with guaranteed income, you need to pull your own weight, you need to, you need to, you need too!! I want to scream in my best BADASS voice: “What I need to do is what I feel like I am supposed to be doing! I need to put myself first for once!”

At the end of the day I think we all go through all four of these feelings. So be brave, be strong, be humble, but most of all remember to BE BADASS!!!