Always Be A Warrior

Always Be A Warrior

On February 21, 2022 we received the devasting news that my Daddy had cancer. Not the beginning stages of cancer, but the final stage of prostate cancer that had metastasized to his entire skeletal system. 

On February 27, 2022 we met with his oncologist for the first time. At that time we learned it was not curable, it was treatable in the terms that they could do their best to give him the best quality of life. They also would try to slow down this aggressive form of cancer so it would not spread to his organs. His treatment plans would be Lupron injections, bone infusions, and Xtandi. Every 3 months for the rest of his life or until they don't work anymore.

He started with a PSA of almost 2800. Normal PSA is under 4. He had his first Lupron injection on March 1, his 60th birthday. On March 23, he had his 1st bone infusion. At that time they rechecked his PSA and it was down to 277!!!

This journey has been difficult, and I am sure at some point it will get even harder.

Growing up me and my daddy didn't have the best of relationships. In the last few years we have started working on that. We now focus on making new memories. He took me fishing for the first time ever, and now we miss when we don't see each other. I have became his advocate in all of this. Everyone needs an advocate, in this world we live in today.

Many people don't know that I am a Lumbee Indian. Whenever I feel like giving up my daddy has always told me not to quit. It's in my blood, we are fighters. I use that same saying to him now. He is a warrior, he can do this! 

Daddy, I love you so much, you are my warrior, and you can do this!!!